About Us

Since 1994, Gulf Stream Capital Advisors have delivered exceptional advisory services to businesses and high net-worth individuals worldwide. Our firm provides focused guidance helping clients to preserve and create value throughout the critical business decision process. We excel at cross-border transactions involving clients in the United States, Middle East, Europe and Asia. 

Gulf Stream Capital Advisors are dedicated to exceeding client expectations by offering a more professional, personal and cost efficient approach than found in more structured advisory firms. Gulf Stream is comprised of a core group of highly experienced professionals augmented by a diverse group of associated consultants that are former CEOs, CFOs and private equity executives. This flexible operating paradigm allows us to swiftly respond to client needs while not burdened with non-performing overhead. It also permits a lean, focused and responsive team with a fee structure that is not as oppressive as found in larger advisory firms. Our unique business approach has resulted in trusted and enduring relationships with our long standing client partners. 
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